BC Health & Medical Determinants of Health Care Quality Discussion

Health care administrators must be concerned with quality in related to all aspects of the health care facility/system. What are the determinants of health care quality? How can health care administrators utilize this data for planning purposes?


Textbook- Khaliq, A. (2020). Managerial epidemiology: Principles & applications. Jones & Bartlett Learning.

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Health care quality is of utmost importance in the health care industry. Health care administrators play a crucial role in ensuring that quality is maintained in different aspects of the health care system. In this answer, we will discuss the determinants of health care quality and how health care administrators can use this data for planning purposes.

The determinants of health care quality include safety, effectiveness, patient-centeredness, timeliness, efficiency, and equity. Safety includes ensuring that patients are protected from harm caused by errors, accidents, or infections. Effectiveness is about providing medical care that improves a patient’s health outcomes. Patient-centered care is when the health care system considers patients’ values, preferences, and needs when offering care services. Timeliness involves providing care that is accessible and delivered in a timely manner. Efficiency involves utilizing resources effectively to reduce waste and costs. Equity involves providing equal care services to all members regardless of their socio-economic status, ethnicity, or other differences.

Health care administrators can use this data when planning to improve the quality of care services offered in their organizations. They should identify areas of improvement for each determinant and implement strategies to improve the quality of care. For example, administrators can use data on patient satisfaction to identify areas where patients may perceive the care services to be inadequate. Efforts can be made to make care services more patient-centered by addressing their concerns and improving their experience while receiving medical care. Health care administrators should also ensure that resources are allocated equitably to avoid disparities in care delivery.

In conclusion, health care quality is a crucial aspect of the health care industry. Health care administrators should ensure that the determinants of health care quality are met to improve patient outcomes and experiences. They can use data on health care quality to identify areas of improvement and implement changes to provide better care services.

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