HCM674 Herzing University Online Health Policy in the US Concept Map

  • A concept map is a graphic demonstration of a topic. This is a creative assignment. There are many different choices toward creating a concept map. In the Supplemental Resources section of this week, look for the YouTube video on creating a concept map. Also, look at the different options for templates for concept maps. You are welcome to also create your own using Word draw or Power Point.
  • The important piece of this assignment is to be able to articulate the steps on how an idea becomes a law at either the state or federal level.
  • You may want to also have a piece or spot on your concept map that notes the number of good ideas that never get voted on to become law.
  • Your concept map needs to include at least four different steps. Be accurate. Be creative.

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For this assignment, students are required to create a concept map demonstrating the steps on how an idea becomes a law at either the state or federal level. The objective of the assignment is to encourage creativity while ensuring accuracy in depicting the process. Additionally, the map should include a section illustrating the number of good ideas that never make it to be voted on as law.

Answer: A concept map is a visual representation of a topic, and it can be created in various ways. You can use a template provided in the Supplemental Resources section or create your own using Word draw or Power Point. To depict how an idea becomes a law, you will need to research and understand the legislative process. The map should include at least four different steps, such as proposing a bill, committee review, and voting. It is essential to ensure that the steps are accurate and easy to understand. The map should also highlight the number of good ideas that never make it to the voting stage. Be creative while adhering to the requirements of the assignment.

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