NRS 429VN Grand Canyon Health Promotion in Nursing Discussion

Explain the role of health education in health promotion. How is the nursing process used in developing health education? Describe a contemporary issue, local or global, that a family may experience today. What steps would the nurse take to address these as part of a health education plan?

What characteristics would lead a provider to suspect domestic violence, child abuse, or elder abuse is taking place within a family? Discuss your facility’s procedure for reporting these types of abuse.

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Health education plays a fundamental role in health promotion by imparting the knowledge, skills, and behavior necessary to maintain and enhance the wellbeing of individuals, families, and communities. Nursing process, on the other hand, helps develop health education by assessing health needs, planning, implementing, and evaluating health interventions. Additionally, healthcare providers have a responsibility to identify potential cases of domestic violence, child abuse, or elder abuse and report them to the relevant authorities. Let’s delve deeper into these topics.


The role of health education in health promotion

Health education serves as a crucial tool in health promotion by providing individuals, families, and communities with the necessary information to make informed decisions that positively impact their health. By developing health literacy and promoting healthy behavior, health education can help prevent the development and spread of diseases. Health promotion interventions, such as smoking cessation programs, vaccination programs, and healthy eating campaigns, are implemented through health education.

The nursing process in developing health education

The nursing process comprises a series of steps involved in the delivery of quality patient care. These steps include assessment, diagnosis, planning, implementation, and evaluation. In developing health education, the nurse uses the nursing process to assess the health needs of the individual, family, or community, develop a plan, implement the plan, and evaluate its effectiveness. The nursing process ensures that health education interventions address the specific needs and concerns of individuals, families, or communities.

Contemporary issue and steps the nurse can take to address the issue

One contemporary issue that a family may experience today is the opioid epidemic. The nurse can address this by conducting a health education program on the appropriate use and disposal of opioids. The nurse can also educate family members on the warning signs of opioid addiction and where to seek help in case addiction is suspected. Additionally, the nurse can provide education on alternative pain management strategies, such as physical therapy, relaxation techniques, or non-opioid pain relievers.

Characteristics that lead to suspicions of abuse and reporting procedures

Providers should suspect abuse in families with visible signs of physical abuse, behavioral changes, unexplained injuries, or instances of repeated infections. Providers should also be vigilant for families with a history of substance abuse, mental health issues, domestic violence, or criminal activities.

Facilities should have procedures in place for reporting suspected cases of domestic violence, child abuse, and elder abuse. Providers should immediately report suspected abuse cases to the relevant authorities, such as child protective services, adult protective services, or law enforcement agencies. The procedure for reporting abuse should be outlined in the facility’s policy and communicated to all employees. Additionally, healthcare providers should provide emotional support to victims of abuse and connect them with appropriate resources such as shelters, therapy, or legal aid.

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