Use Of Literature In Medical Professional Education Research Paper

Read “Medical Professionalism: What the Study of Literature Can Contribute to the Conversation” from Philosophy, Ethics & Humanities in Medicine.

Although this article primarily explores the use of literature in medical professional education, the same principles apply to students learning about professional, ethical leadership in health care. As you read the article, contemplate how literature can help you develop your own brand of ethical leadership within the health care regulatory environment.

Write a 175- to 265-word response to the following:

  • Review Fig.1 on p. 6 of the Medical Professionalism article. Select two to three outcomes that are important to you (or that you want to achieve in your professional career) and explain what you are doing (or are going to do) to develop those abilities.

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The article titled “Medical Professionalism: What the Study of Literature Can Contribute to the Conversation” highlights the significance of using literature in medical professional education which can be applied to develop ethical leadership within the health care regulatory environment. As a medical professor, it is crucial to instill professionalism and ethical leadership skills in students to ensure their success in their professional careers. In response to the content, I will discuss the outcomes I consider important and the actions I am taking to achieve them.


In Fig.1 on p.6, the outcomes that I consider important are “social responsibility,” “cultural competence,” and “ethical reasoning.” As a medical professor, the ability to practice social responsibility demands that I demonstrate concern for the larger society, apply ethical principles, and work towards social justice. I am currently pursuing this ability by participating in community service programs, providing financial assistance to underserved populations, and creating awareness about social issues affecting patients and their families.

Cultural competence is another vital outcome that I am actively working towards achieving. As a medical professor, it is essential to understand the cultural and linguistic needs of patients to provide quality health care that is respectful of their cultural practices. To enhance my cultural competence, I am learning different languages, attending cultural events, and engaging in cultural exchange programs.

Lastly, ethical reasoning is an outcome that I believe is crucial for medical professionals. As a medical professor, I am ensuring that I practice ethical reasoning by teaching students to be autonomous thinkers who can assess and act on ethical problems effectively. I am also emphasizing the importance of ethical reasoning by guiding students to seek ethical consultations when faced with complex ethical dilemmas.

In conclusion, as medical professionals, it is crucial to develop social responsibility, cultural competence, and ethical reasoning abilities, among others, to provide the best possible patient care. As a medical professor, I am continuously working towards achieving these outcomes and instilling these principles in my students to prepare them for successful careers in the healthcare industry.

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