week 5 assignment 2 key Assessment

Unit 5 Assignment 2 – Key Assessment (CO#5)

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Summarize: Research Proposal

Estimated time to complete: 4 hours

You are a department manager in a large hospital setting. You recently learned of a national competition titled “Innovations in Management” where health care managers are able to submit research for the chance to earn a cash prize as well as recognition on the national scale.

Evaluation Title: Research Proposal

  1. Identify a performance improvement initiative within your department as the topic of your research proposal.
  2. Use the information in the Horton textbook Chapter 12, as well as additional research.
  3. Create a one-page summary research proposal, including the following sections:
  • Abstract
  • Problem statement
  • Purpose
  • Significance of research
  • Methods

At least three references should be included on a separate reference page.

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As a medical professor, it is essential to provide well-crafted assignments to students that enable them to enhance their research, analytical, and writing skills. In this assignment, students are required to create a research proposal regarding performance improvement initiatives in their department.

Question: What is the purpose of the research proposal assignment in this unit?

Answer: The purpose of the research proposal assignment in this unit is to enable medical college students to apply and utilize the knowledge and skills learned in the Horton textbook Chapter 12 and additional research. The assignment requires students to identify a performance improvement initiative in their department and create a one-page summary research proposal that includes the abstract, problem statement, purpose, significance of research, and methods. Additionally, students must include at least three references on a separate reference page. The assignment helps students to improve their analytical, research, and writing skills. It also prepares them to think critically and constructively about practical solutions to performance improvement problems within their departments.

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