ASSESSMENT :Six Dimensions of your health

Consider the Six Dimensions

Think about each dimension of your health. For each dimension, list what you believe to be a strength or positive characteristic (examples are provided). Also, list an aspect of each dimension that you would like to improve.

PhysicalDimension : To maintain overall physical health by eating well, engaging in a balanced exercise program, and having appropriate medical check-ups.

Strong Characteristic:

Aspect to Improve:

EmotionalDimension :To have a positive self-concept, deal constructively with your feelings, and develop positive qualities such as optimism,trust, and determination.

Strong Characteristic:

Aspect to Improve:

Social Dimension :To develop and maintain meaningful relationships with a network of friends and family members and to contribute to the community (e.g., friendly, helpful, compassionate, supportive, charitable).

Strong Characteristic:

Aspect to Improve:

IntellectualDimension : To actively pursue a wide understanding about topics and issues,think critically about important questions, and to identify problems and develop solutions based on sound judgment (e.g., curious, analytical, creative, objective).

Strong Characteristic:

Aspect to Improve:

Spiritual Dimension : To develop a set of beliefs, principles, or values that gives meaning or purpose to your life; to develop faith in something beyond yourself (e.g., religious faith, service to others, respect for life).

Strong Characteristic:

Aspect to Improve:

What did you learn about yourself by completing this self-assessment?

What are two things you can start doing this week to improve upon your weakest dimensions of health?

Expert Solution Preview

In this content, we are presented with the Six Dimensions of Health and are asked to identify our strengths and areas of improvement for each dimension. We are also asked to reflect on what we have learned about ourselves by completing this self-assessment and to suggest two actions we can take to improve upon our weakest dimensions of health.

Physical Dimension:
Strong Characteristic: Regularly engaging in physical exercise and maintaining a healthy diet.
Aspect to Improve: Getting enough sleep and rest to support physical health.

Emotional Dimension:
Strong Characteristic: Being optimistic and positive.
Aspect to Improve: Learning to cope effectively with stress and anxiety.

Social Dimension:
Strong Characteristic: Being friendly and helpful to others.
Aspect to Improve: Constantly expanding and nurturing one’s social network.

Intellectual Dimension:
Strong Characteristic: Being analytical and objective in problem-solving.
Aspect to Improve: Actively seeking out new knowledge and skills.

Spiritual Dimension:
Strong Characteristic: Developing a sense of purpose and meaning in one’s life.
Aspect to Improve: Regularly practicing meditation or reflection to nurture one’s spiritual health.

By completing this self-assessment, I have learned that I need to work on improving my sleep habits and stress management techniques to support my physical and emotional health. To improve upon my weakest dimensions, I could start by setting a consistent sleep schedule and practicing relaxation techniques such as deep breathing or mindfulness meditation. I could also seek out opportunities to learn new things and engage in meaningful conversations to support my intellectual and social health.

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