CHE110 Southern New Hampshire University Environmental Hazards Paper

Before completing this activity, view one or more of the following videos:

After choosing one video, determine the environmental hazard, the impact on the individual and the community as a whole, and the role of the community health educator in educating the community on these hazards. Create a graphic organizer that demonstrates your findings.

This Inspiration software guide will help you understand more about graphic organizers. Consider using a free online graphic organizer tool, such as Creately, Popplet, or Bubbl, to create this assignment and submit your graphic organizer as a PDF, JPG, PPT, or DOC file.

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Environmental hazards can have a significant impact on both individuals and communities. One example is the exposure to toxic emissions, which can cause adverse health effects such as respiratory issues and cancer. In Louisville’s Rubbertown neighborhood, residents have been fighting against these emissions from nearby chemical plants. The community health educator plays an important role in educating residents about the hazards and advocating for their health and safety.

A graphic organizer can be used to demonstrate the environmental hazard, its impact on individuals and the community, and the role of the community health educator. For example, a mind map can be created with the environmental hazard in the center and branches outlining the impact on health, the environment, and the community. Another branch can highlight the role of the community health educator, such as providing education and advocacy for policy change. Using a tool like Creately or Bubbl can help create a visual representation of this information, which can be submitted in a preferred file format.

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