Give an example of an ethical dilemma that you think you will encounter when you start working as a nurse.

How are you going to prepare yourself as a nurse in dealing with these dilemmas?

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As medical professionals, nurses often encounter situations that require ethical decision-making. These situations can present ethical dilemmas, which require nurses to make difficult choices that can impact patient care and outcomes. In this article, we will discuss an example of an ethical dilemma that nurses may encounter and how they can prepare themselves to handle it.


An ethical dilemma that nurses may encounter is deciding whether to disclose patient information to a third party, such as a family member or employer, without the patient’s consent. This can be particularly challenging when the patient wants to keep their medical information private, but the third party believes that they have a right to know.

To prepare themselves for such dilemmas, nurses can take several steps. First, they can familiarize themselves with the code of ethics for nursing. This document outlines the ethical principles that nurses are expected to follow, including confidentiality and respect for patient autonomy.

Secondly, nurses can seek guidance from their colleagues and supervisors. Discussing the issue with other healthcare professionals can provide a different perspective, and help the nurse come to a decision that is ethical and in the best interest of the patient.

Finally, nurses can practice ethical decision-making by participating in role-playing exercises or case studies that simulate ethical dilemmas. This can help them develop critical thinking skills and prepare them to respond appropriately when faced with similar situations in the future.


Ethical dilemmas are an inevitable part of nursing practice. Nurses must be prepared to navigate these situations by developing a sound understanding of ethical principles, seeking guidance from colleagues, and practicing decision-making skills. With proper preparation, nurses can make ethical decisions that prioritize patient care and respect patient autonomy.


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