Harvard School of Business Ethical Issues Related To Social Media Discussion

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Discuss at least two potential ethical issues that could be of concern with nursing use of social media. 

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As social media becomes more prevalent in our daily lives, healthcare professionals, including nurses, are increasingly utilizing it in their work. However, along with the benefits come potential ethical concerns that must be considered.

Two potential ethical issues that could be of concern with nursing use of social media are maintaining patient confidentiality and ensuring professional boundaries are not crossed. When nurses share information about a patient on social media, even inadvertently, they may be violating their duty to maintain confidentiality. Patients have a right to privacy, and nurses must take care to ensure that their use of social media does not compromise this.

Additionally, nurses must be careful not to cross professional boundaries on social media. Engaging in personal relationships with patients or sharing inappropriate content can damage the nurse-patient relationship and reflect poorly on the nursing profession as a whole. In order to avoid these ethical concerns, nurses should be educated on the proper use of social media and have clear guidelines on what is and is not acceptable.

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