HSM 692 UF Healthcare Expectations and Organizational Culture Paper & PPT

1. You as a consumer of healthcare have certain expectations when utilizing health facilities. In addition to receiving a friendly greeting, what are your expectations pre-service, point of service and after-service? What factors would discourage you from using a healthcare facility in your community? APA. min 500 words. Use peer reviewed articles/journals

2. Prepare and submit a 5-8 slide Power Point presentation describing organizational culture; what is organizational culture and how does it impact the quality of care and finances of the organization? If necessary what steps would you take to change the organizational culture? Include spearker notes. APA format. Use peer reviewed articles/journals

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As a medical professor, it is important to educate and prepare students for the expectations and experiences of healthcare environments. In addition, understanding organizational culture can have a significant impact on the quality of care and finances of healthcare organizations.

1. What are your expectations when utilizing health facilities as a consumer of healthcare? What factors would discourage you from using a healthcare facility in your community?

As a consumer of healthcare, my expectations when utilizing health facilities include receiving quality care that is timely, effective, and safe. Pre-service expectations include ease of appointment scheduling, clear communication of services offered, and efficient check-in processes. Point of service expectations include knowledgeable and compassionate healthcare providers, clear explanations of treatment plans, and accommodations for any special needs or preferences. After-service expectations include follow-up communication and support, including access to resources for continued care or follow-up appointments.

Factors that would discourage me from using a healthcare facility in my community include poor reviews from other patients, lack of transparency in policies and pricing, limited access to specialized care or technologies, and inconsistent or poor communication from healthcare providers. Additionally, negative experiences with healthcare providers, such as feeling rushed or dismissed during appointments, can also discourage me from utilizing a particular healthcare facility.

2. Describe organizational culture and its impact on the quality of care and finances of a healthcare organization. What steps can be taken to change organizational culture?

Organizational culture refers to the shared values, beliefs, and behaviors that shape the attitudes and actions of individuals within a particular organization. In healthcare organizations, the culture can impact the quality of care and finances through factors such as staff retention rates, patient satisfaction ratings, and clinical outcomes.

A positive organizational culture can foster a sense of teamwork and shared accountability, promoting a positive work environment and ultimately leading to better patient outcomes. On the other hand, a negative organizational culture, characterized by lack of communication and collaboration, can lead to increased staff burnout, errors in care delivery, and decreased patient satisfaction.

To change organizational culture, it is recommended to first identify the areas that need improvement through surveys, focus groups, and other forms of feedback from staff and patients. Once these areas are identified, leadership can work to implement changes through targeted training and education, increased communication and collaboration, and modeling positive behaviors from upper management.

Overall, understanding both consumer expectations and organizational culture is crucial for creating successful healthcare professionals and organizations that prioritize quality care and patient satisfaction.

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