MN605 Purdue University Barriers to Access to Care Discussion Question

Need below DQ answered minimum 300 words APA format with 3 scholarly sources less than 5 years old with citation

Topic 1: Barriers to Access to Care

Discuss with your classmates the following:

Identify restrictions placed on APRN practice that set up barriers to access to care. Discuss with your classmates the next stage in policy development to overcome these barriers and increase patients’ access to APRNs

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Access to quality healthcare is a fundamental right of every individual. However, certain restrictions placed on APRN practice can limit patients’ access to healthcare services, especially those in rural and underserved areas. Therefore, it is essential to identify these barriers to APRN practice and develop policies that can help overcome them to increase access to care.

Barriers to Access to Care:

Several restrictions placed on APRN practice can limit patients’ access to care. One major barrier is the lack of full practice authority for APRNs. Full practice authority refers to a system where APRNs can practice independently without the need for physician oversight or supervision. Unfortunately, several states have not granted APRNs full autonomy despite their advanced training and education, thereby limiting their ability to provide quality care.

Another barrier is the stringent regulatory requirements that APRNs must meet. These requirements include licensing, certification, and continuing education that restrict APRNs’ ability to practice in different states. In addition, reimbursement policies that limit APRNs’ ability to bill for their services also create significant barriers to access care.

The Next Stage in Policy Development:

To overcome these barriers and increase patients’ access to APRN services, policymakers need to develop policies that promote the full practice authority of APRNs. These policies should also eliminate regulatory barriers that limit APRNs’ ability to practice in different states and reduce stringent requirements for licensing, certification, and continuing education.

Furthermore, reimbursement policies should also be reviewed and revised to allow APRNs to bill for their services fully. Policymakers should also work closely with APRN organizations to promote and advocate for APRNs’ full autonomy and expand APRN educational programs to increase the number of APRNs in underserved areas.


Access to quality healthcare services is a basic human right, and eliminating barriers that limit patients’ access to care is an essential step towards ensuring this right is upheld. Policymakers, APRN organizations, and other stakeholders must work together to promote policies that eliminate barriers to APRN practice and increase access to healthcare services for all.

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