West Coast Week 1 Online Classroom & Traditional Classroom Culture Discussion

Using the example given in the book illustrating the classroom as a cultural construct as reference (chapter 2, p. 12), explain how an online classroom culture is different or the same as a traditional classroom. What are some adjustments you have to make in this new environment?

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Classroom culture is an integral part of the teaching-learning process that shapes student behavior and academic performance. As a medical professor, it is my responsibility to design and conduct lectures, evaluate student performance, and provide feedback through examinations and assignments. In today’s digital age, online learning is becoming increasingly prevalent, and it is necessary to explore the similarities and differences between an online classroom culture and a traditional classroom.

According to the book’s illustration, a classroom culture is a reflection of the teacher’s values, beliefs, and communication style. In a traditional classroom, classroom culture is established through face-to-face interactions and physical resources such as textbooks, whiteboards, and posters. However, an online classroom culture is fundamentally different because it eliminates the need for physical resources and limits face-to-face interactions.

In an online classroom, culture is established through different channels such as video conferencing, email, discussion boards, and social media platforms. These channels create a sense of community and enable students to interact with their peers and the professor.

As a professor, some adjustments that I have to make in an online classroom environment include creating engaging content that compensates for the lack of physical resources, promoting student engagement through online discussions and chat rooms, and providing timely feedback to students on their performance through online assessments. Additionally, I have to ensure that the technology tools used to facilitate online learning are accessible and user-friendly for all students.

In conclusion, online learning is changing the traditional classroom culture by creating new rules of engagement and communication. However, as a medical professor, it is my duty to adapt and create an enabling environment that fosters learning and promotes excellence.

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