HCA 430 PMI Tucson Electronic Health Systems Technology Interview Essay

For this assignment, you will conduct an interview and write a paper based on the information you get in the interview. You can have a discussion with anyone you choose that works as a manager with electronic medical records and health informatic systems.

Interviewee: Martha (QA Manager and Patient Coordinator) – Phone interview

Paper Topic:

  • What are the safety and security issues they see surrounding the use of electronic health systems technology?


You are to create the questions for the interview. They may revolve around password protections, internal information thefts, outside hacking, HIPAA concerns, ransomware, employee use of personal emails, PHI concerns, or any other avenues you care to explore.


Go to the interview with questions already formulated. Do not perform an interview unprepared and waste their time. The interview may be conducted in-person or by phone. It may be someone local, or very distant.

Write a 2 page paper analyzing the issues surrounding you discovered that are security concerns in the interview. It should NOT be a transcript of the interview. Provide analysis and additional outside research to support what you found in the interview. You will be graded on your strength of choice of interviewee, the depth of your questioning, outside research, and the structure of your write up.

Points Possible: 35 LEVEL 3

4 points for an introduction that clearly introduces the main points of your paper

3 points for an appropriate conclusion

5 points for your choice of interviewee and the quality of your questions

15 points for body paragraphs that describe safety and security issues while incorporating information from your interview

8 points for writing level (LEVEL 3)

Expert Solution Preview

Introduction: In the healthcare industry, electronic medical record (EMR) systems are being implemented extensively to provide efficient, effective, and quality care to the patients. However, with the emergence of these new technologies, there are some concerns regarding data security and privacy. To gain insights into these security concerns, an interview was conducted with Martha, a QA Manager and Patient Coordinator who has extensive experience in working with EMR systems. This paper analyses the security and safety issues surrounding the use of EMR systems based on the interview with Martha and additional outside research.

Question 1: What security measures should be taken to prevent unauthorized access to EMR systems?

Answer: According to Martha, password protection is an important security measure to prevent unauthorized access to EMR systems. She emphasized the need for complex passwords that can be changed regularly and strong password policies that enforce the use of special characters, numbers, and upper/lowercase letters. She also highlighted the importance of two-factor authentication to further strengthen the authentication process.

Question 2: How can we prevent internal data thefts by employees?

Answer: Martha suggested that regular training and education sessions should be conducted for employees to create awareness about data security and privacy policies. She also emphasized the importance of monitoring and auditing access to EMR systems to detect any suspicious activity. Additionally, strict access controls should be implemented to ensure that employees only have access to data that is necessary to perform their job responsibilities.

Question 3: What measures should be taken to prevent outside hacking attempts?

Answer: Martha highlighted the need for strong firewalls and intrusion detection/prevention systems to prevent outside hacking attempts. Additionally, EMR systems should be patched and updated regularly to remove any vulnerabilities. Regular penetration testing and vulnerability assessments should be conducted to identify and eliminate any weaknesses in the system.

Question 4: How can we ensure compliance with HIPAA regulations?

Answer: Martha emphasized the importance of regular training and education sessions to create awareness about HIPAA regulations among employees. Additionally, regular risk assessments should be conducted to identify any potential violations of HIPAA regulations. Strict access controls should be implemented to ensure that patient data is only accessible to authorized personnel.

Conclusion: In conclusion, the use of EMR systems in healthcare has revolutionized patient care. However, it is important to address the security and privacy concerns to ensure patient data remains secure and protected. The interview with Martha provided valuable insights into the different security measures that should be taken to prevent unauthorized access, data thefts, outside hacking, and ensuring compliance with HIPAA regulations. By implementing these measures, healthcare providers can ensure that their patients’ data remains safe and secure.

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