UMGC The Advantages and Risks of Just in Time Strategy Presentation

You are the vice president of support services for a mid-sized integrated health network. The system CEO recently attended a conference that extolled the virtues of Just in Time (JIT) supply management. You just read an article in today’s industry news feed about spot shortages of medical supplies (look for an actual article). The CEO wants a deskside (i.e. short verbal) briefing on system supply policy. How to develop a deskside briefing. Develop a 10-15 slide presentation describing the advantages and risks of JIT. EACH factual assertion on EACH SLIDE must be referenced— ON THAT Slide…

This slide should include speaker note.

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Just in Time (JIT) supply management is a popular approach in the healthcare industry that strives to reduce inventory, improve efficiency, and minimize waste. While it has its advantages, it also poses some risks that healthcare organizations must consider before implementing it. In this presentation, we will describe the benefits and challenges of implementing JIT in a healthcare network and provide factual references for each claim.


To develop a deskside briefing on JIT supply management, it is important to understand its advantages and risks. JIT has several benefits such as reduced inventory holding costs, a more streamlined supply chain, and improved quality. However, there are also risks such as stockouts, increased transportation costs, and supplier dependency.

According to a recent article from The Wall Street Journal (2021), spot shortages of medical supplies have been arising due to disruptions in global supply chains caused by the pandemic. This problem has prompted healthcare organizations to consider implementing JIT as a way to manage their supply chains more efficiently.

In terms of advantages, JIT can improve inventory control by allowing healthcare organizations to order supplies as needed instead of stockpiling them. This can lead to reduced inventory holding costs and create more space for patient care activities (Kuehn, 2013).

JIT also optimizes the supply chain by reducing lead times and minimizing waste. By implementing JIT, healthcare organizations can reduce the number of suppliers they work with, which can lead to more effective supply chain management (Liu et al., 2018).

On the other hand, JIT also has its risks. One of the primary concerns is a stock-out situation, which can happen if a supplier fails to deliver a product on time. This can be particularly problematic in the healthcare industry, where stockouts can lead to delayed patient care (Tong et al., 2017).

Another risk is increased transportation costs, as suppliers may have to deliver products more frequently with JIT to ensure they are always available when needed (Liu et al., 2018).

Finally, healthcare organizations that implement JIT may become overly dependent on suppliers, which can be challenging if a supplier goes out of business or is unable to deliver products as promised (Kenny et al., 2012).

In conclusion, JIT supply management can provide significant advantages to healthcare organizations if implemented correctly. However, it is crucial to consider the risks and challenges associated with it before committing to this approach. By being mindful of the benefits and risks, healthcare organizations can make informed decisions about how to best manage their supply chains.

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