HMGT 400 UMGC Health & Medical Question


Identify, analyze, and evaluate quantitative and qualitative healthcare data and information for effective decision making in various healthcare settings 

Explain data to a health care audience in a clear, concise and persuasive manner, consistent with best practices in the field of health care management to inform or advocate change.

Assess the ethical challenges in designing a research study in the use of human subjects to ensure compliance with national and local standards.

The main idea of the final exam is to evaluate students analytical skills.  For the final exam, students will need to use RStudio (2 % BONUS), Excel or any other statistical packages (approved by the faculty). 

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Data for RStudio users: Data for RStudio Users

Data for Excel users: Data for Excel Users

Codes for RStudio users:

Dplyr Codes

No Dyplr Codes

Final Exam Questions:

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This final exam for the healthcare management course aims to evaluate the analytical skills of the students. The exam will require the use of statistical packages such as RStudio or Excel, and will focus on identifying, analyzing, and evaluating healthcare data and information. In addition, the ethical challenges related to designing a research study involving human subjects will also be assessed.

The final exam for this healthcare management course requires students to utilize RStudio or other approved statistical packages to analyze healthcare data and information. This evaluation will assess the students’ ability to identify and evaluate quantitative and qualitative data, as well as their decision-making skills in healthcare settings. Further, the students must be able to effectively communicate data to a healthcare audience in a clear and concise manner, consistent with best practices in healthcare management. Additionally, the exam will assess the students’ understanding of ethical challenges related to research studies involving human subjects, ensuring compliance with national and local standards. Overall, the final exam aims to evaluate the students’ analytical skills and their ability to apply them to real-world healthcare scenarios.

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