Health & Medical Pleasant and Unpleasant Interactions Questions

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Choose to answer TWO of the following questions:

Recall one unpleasant event or social interaction around you (prejudice, aggression, or conflict). Try to analyze why it happened and provide three effective approaches to reduce that type of social behavior. Cite the textbook in your response.

Recall one pleasant event or social interaction around you (liking/love, peacemaking, helping, promoting wellbeing). Try to analyze why it happened and provide three effective approaches to encourage that type of social behavior. Cite the textbook in your response.

What are your favorite three social psychology concepts and why? Discuss how you can apply or use each concept in your daily life. Cite the textbook in your response 

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As a medical professor, it is essential to understand the social dynamics that influence the behavior of patients and healthcare professionals. Therefore, for this discussion question, I will answer two of the given questions to demonstrate how social behavior affects our daily lives.

Answer to the first question:
Recalling an unpleasant event is not easy, but I remember a woman who was mistreated because of her skin color. This form of prejudice is a social problem that can lead to aggression and conflict. One effective approach to reduce this behavior is social contact theory. According to Myers (2015), social contact between diverse groups helps reduce negative attitudes and prejudice. The second approach is through education, where people learn about the benefits of diversity. Finally, the third approach is through superordinate goals, where different groups work together towards achieving a common goal. This approach helps reduce tension between groups and promotes peaceful coexistence.

Answer to the second question:
I remember a time when I helped an elderly woman cross a busy street. This social interaction happened because of empathy, a concept in social psychology that refers to the ability to feel and understand other people’s emotions. To encourage this behavior, the first approach is through social learning theory, where people learn from observing others’ behaviors. The second approach is through positive reinforcement, where people are praised for their helpful behavior. Finally, the third approach is through empathy training programs, where people learn how to understand and feel other people’s emotions.

Social behavior plays a significant role in our daily lives, and understanding its dynamics is vital for healthcare professionals. Through the use of social psychology concepts, we can promote positive behavior and reduce negative behavior, leading to a healthy and peaceful society.

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