THE TASK: Length:1700 wordsYour task is to analyse the life journey of Ronni Kahn (Founder of OzHarvest), using relevant sources of in


Length:1700 words

Your task is to
analyse the life journey of Ronni Kahn (Founder of OzHarvest), using relevant sources of information (e.g., autobiographical, biographical, and other
relevant secondary data) and unit of study content form Weeks 1-6.

The purpose of this assignment is to provide insights into the entrepreneur’s journey
by applying relevant concepts and materials from Weeks 1-6 to relevant data you
have gathered on the entrepreneur and their activities. In doing so, you will move
beyond simply describing the entrepreneur’s journey to analysing and reflecting on
this journey.

You have discretion in deciding on the content you speak to in your assignment.
However, you should have the following basic structure:

Executive Summary: A standalone section that synopsises your report.

• Introduction: Assume the reader has never heard of the subject of your
biography. Give a brief introduction that tells the reader who the
entrepreneur is, their field of interest, motivations, key achievements, etc.

• Body of the paper: Topics explored here will vary, depending on the
entrepreneur you choose to focus upon and the dynamics of their venture
formation and development. Be strategic in choosing appropriate topics:
some will be more relevant for your entrepreneur’s journey compared with
others. Remember the purpose of this assignment when selecting your topics:
showing your understanding of relevant unit of study concepts by applying
them to analyse and reflect on your chosen entrepreneur’s journey.

Sample topics could include: choose at least 4 topics
– Opportunities: discovered or created?
– Evolution of the business idea
– The process of entrepreneurship
– The role of innovation: type, scope, etc.
– Interruptions and significant events in the process of business formation
– Characteristics of the entrepreneur
– Critical stages and transitions
– Challenges in scaling up
– Entrepreneurial ecosystems

Conclusions and reflections: Main findings summarised, extrapolated and
reflected upon using appropriate unit of study material.

• References.

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