see attachment Define ConceptsInstructions: Define the following basic concepts related to social

see attachment 

Define Concepts


Define the following basic concepts related to social psychology, you will use the technical vocabulary of the discipline.

· Social psychology

· Socialization 

· Attitudes

· Attributions

· Communication both verbal and no-verbal

· Ideology 

· Conscience

· Social perception 

· Group behavior

· Schemes

Contribute a minimum of 1–2 pages. It should include at least 1 academic source, formatted and cited in APA.

Submission Instructions:

· Submit your assignment by 11:59 PM Eastern on Sunday.

· Review the rubric to determine how your assignment will be graded.

· Your assignment will be run through Turnitin to check for plagiarism.  If you are new to Turnitin, 

review the information
 in the Student Resource Center about it.

If you are new to Canvas, follow 

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