I need help completing the assignments in the attachment.      CBM3 – Be Welcoming on the First Day

   I need help completing the assignments in the attachment.     

CBM3 – Be Welcoming on the First Day

Objective:  Learners will plan how to address the sources of student anxiety on the first day of school and outline their rules and grading policy. 

You have taken the time to plan out the physical layout of your classroom.  You have thought about how to get everything organized.  Now it’s time for the show to begin and it’s natural to be a little anxious before the first day of school. 

The first day can be an intimidating experience for both you and your students, so it is important to orchestrate this initial meeting to calm everyone’s anxiety.  You want to show that you are confident, prepared, and excited to have your students in your classroom.  Your confidence will help the students feel comfortable in your classroom and set the tone for establishing positive relationships. 

Go to your text, 
The First Year Teacher’s Survival Guide > Read “Start the School Year Productively” – pp. 141-160.

Harry Wong is a leading expert on classroom and behavior management. He has identified seven things that all students want to know when they 
walk into a classroom for the first time.

The article, “
There’s Only One First Day of School”  by Harry Wong is linked below. After reading the article, plan how to address each seven questions. 

There’s Only One First Day of School



1. Am I in the right room?

2. Where am I supposed to sit?

3. What are the rules in the classroom?

4. What will I be doing this year?

5. How will I be graded?

6. Who is the teacher as a person?

7. Will the teacher treat me as a human being? 


After reading the article, begin thinking about how you will make your room welcoming and inviting on the FIRST DAY.  Write out at least 6 elements that you will incorporate into your classroom to create a welcoming space for your students. 




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