I need help completing the assignment in the attachment.     CBM9 – Welcoming Parent Letter

  I need help completing the assignment in the attachment.    

CBM9 – Welcoming Parent Letter

Objective:  Learners will create a positive introduction letter to be sent home with their students on the first day to encourage support and open communication with parents.  

No matter what your students’ age, communicating with parents, and getting them involved from the beginning is crucial for your success.

The key to positive communication with parents is building trust with the parents. Being fair and positive when communicating with parents will help build trust.

Go to your text, The First Year Teachers Survival Guide >

Read “What You Can Include in Student Packets” – pp. 148 – 150

Read “Homework Letter to Parents and Guardians” – pp. 319

On your first day, you should have something to send home with all students introducing you and your expectations to the parents/guardians.

It would help if you encouraged their support and set up a system for open communication.  

You can do an online Google search for “teacher introduction letter to parents” and find several examples for your grade level.


Create an Introduction Letter that introduces yourself to your parents. Be sure to include the following elements:

· A little bit about yourself

· Three classroom procedures you previously selected in the course as high priority procedures

· Your grading rules and scale, guidelines for turning in homework assignments, and options to redo or retake assessments

· Guidelines for access to visit with you as needed by student or parent

Upload your Introduction Letter into your Canvas Tool Box Folder.  You will post this document to your final website project at the end of training. 


Rubric Scoring:

This activity must have all four elements listed above present in your letter.

3 or less elements will require resubmission. 



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