PSYC 775 Mock Quiz Questions Assignment InstructionsOverview The purpose of the Mock Quiz Questions

PSYC 775

Mock Quiz Questions Assignment Instructions


The purpose of the
Mock Quiz Questions Assignment is to give you experience in writing effective quiz questions to evaluate learning. For the
Mock Quiz Questions Assignment, you will generate mock quiz questions that could be given to the students in your hypothetical course. Before you begin writing your questions, first choose a short passage from anywhere in your chosen textbook that contains enough content to generate a short quiz.


For this assignment, you will submit the following:

· Textbook passage – Begin your assignment with a short passage from your chosen textbook where the answers to your quiz questions can be found. You should provide an exact, verbatim passage from the book so that the accuracy of your quiz questions and answers can be verified. If your questions come from a large area of text, you may choose to simply include the relevant excerpts. Be sure to quote the passage(s) appropriately and include an APA-style citation/reference.

· Mock Quiz – Your quiz should contain seven questions corresponding to the list below. For each question, be sure to indicate the correct answer.

· Two multiple choice questions – For each question, you must generate 4 answer choices. Your questions and answers should incorporate the suggestions given on pages 101–108 of your textbook.

· Two fill-in-the-blank questions

· Two true/false questions

· One short answer question – This should be a question that requires an answer of at least a couple sentences. Provide a sample ideal answer.

Additional assignment requirements include:

· You must use the same textbook you have chosen for your syllabus assignments this term.

· You are not permitted to submit any publisher-generated quiz questions. You must generate the questions and answer choices yourself.

· Include an APA-style reference page with the reference for your textbook choice.

Submit your
Mock Quiz Questions Assignment as a Word document.

Note: Your assignment will be checked for originality via the Turnitin plagiarism tool.

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