SU Measles Transmissible Disease Outbreak Report

Step 1 Choose any transmissible disease to focus on for this assignment (you will focus on that same disease in the assignment that follows in Week 7). The disease you focus on should be a transmissible disease of concern in your own community or area of interest. You may choose to reference your county or […]

PHC 372 SEU Public Health Outbreak and Disaster Management Paper

Expert Solution Preview Introduction: As a medical professor tasked with creating college assignments and evaluating medical college students, I aim to provide comprehensive and accurate answers to the content provided. My expertise lies in designing and conducting lectures, assessing student performance through examinations and assignments, and providing constructive feedback to foster their learning and development. […]

Medical Outbreak Investigation Discussion

Outbreak Investigation On February 7, 2018, a nurse employed at the Flinn Corporation noticed an increase in the number of employees who were sick. She was concerned that there may be a Salmonella outbreak at the company. She has interviewed each of the employees at the corporation. She has taken samples and sent them out […]

University of California Coronavirus Outbreak Locations Questions

Resource: How to Plot Data onto a Map in Microsoft Excel PDF Read the following scenario: Now that you know where the outbreaks are located and which age groups are most affected, your organization wants to map out the areas that pose the highest exposure risk. Create a symbols map using Microsoft® Excel® and the […]

CSU Wk 3 Infectious Disease how The We Could Have Prevented the Outbreak Discussion

This week, you will conduct an outbreak investigation of a disease. You are an epidemiologist for your local health department, and you are conducting an outbreak investigation of the disease you chose for this week’s discussion. In your role as a health department official, you are interviewing a fictitious patient who has/had this disease. Using […]

Oswego Outbreak Case Study

Read the “Oswego Outbreak Investigation,” located in the Topic Materials. Part 1 Complete the following: Using the line listing in the Excel “Oswego Line Listing Workbook,” calculate the attack rate ratios for each food item using the table in the Excel “Oswego Attack Rate Table.” Create a separate 2×2 table for the food item you […]